It is a new, professional undergraduate university program that CCICT corporate and academic members have designed to improve the quality and quantity of business professionals capable of implementing ICTs to achieve productivity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and competitive advantage. Typical roles of business technology managers including business analyst, project manager, change management, consultant, entrepreneur, and IT manager.

The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) Talent division is offering certification in Business Technology Management (BTM) to University of Alberta MIS majors who complete the following requirements:

1)  Complete all requirements of the Business degree program for MIS majors.

2)  Include MIS 424, Project Management in your degree program.

3)  Include either of the following two courses in your degree program:  SMO 402, Management Skills for Supervisors and Leaders; or SMO 404, Interpersonal Communication & Team Management.

Students who pursue BTM certification are also strongly encouraged, but not required, to seek work placements in the field prior to graduation.