MIS Info Sessions

Fall 2017 MIS Info Session will be held Thursday, September 21 at 5:00 PM (Location will be updated)

What is “MIS”?

Even if we told you that it stood for Management Information Systems, you would still be standing there clueless. You would stand there and ponder. You would ask a fellow business student and their response would most likely be: “They are the IT people of business”. As the thought of computers and IT support rushes through your head, your face is filled with disgust as you close the door on any opportunities to pursue MIS.

Does that sound like you or have you been in a similar situation? Don’t worry. We have the solution for you.

MISC presents

What the %$&# is MIS? 101 


Our information sessions will cover the basics of MIS, the opportunities they provide, how to be a MIS major or minor, who to talk to in the industry, and more. You will realize that you do not have to be an IT or tech nerd to pursue MIS. After the information session is done, you will come out thinking “Wow! There are so many things you can do if you study MIS!”

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Here are some pictures from last year’s information session!

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