Hala Alkhashashna

Hala Alkhashashna


“Hey! My name is Hala, and I’m super excited to be the President for the MIS Club this year. I joined the MIS club as a Director in my first year of Business in 2016 and held a VP position last year so I’m looking forward to continue with the club’s mission of getting more people talking about the Information Systems field at ASoB. I’m going into my 4th and final year with an MIS major and an OM minor; I chose MIS as a major because I’ve always been interested in both the tech and business worlds and it was a perfect mix of both. It has also opened so many career opportunities for me that I am so grateful for! When I’m not in the computer lab, you will find me trying out all the cake places in Edmonton (nothing has topped Block 1912, so far.), and then running off the carbs and sugar at the Butterdome.”

Favourite food: Poutine

Favourite song: Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Favourite show: Brooklyn 99