Samantha Grover

Samantha Grover

VP Academic

“Hey! I’m Samantha, and I am psyched to be joining the MIS Club team as the VP Academic for this year. Leading this portfolio, my responsibilities mainly involve organizing the academic content of our exciting events so please reach out if there are any technology related subjects you are eager to learn about! I chose to be involved with the MIS club because I am fascinated by how leading technologies are being integrated into business (AI, machine learning, and big data to name a few). This club gives students an opportunity to connect with business technology professionals and organizations, and the MIS Major is a great opportunity for students who want a formal education that will lead to great opportunities in the field. This will be my 2nd year at ASoB and I am pursuing a major in Operations Management and a minor in Mathematics; I chose this stream because I plan on pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics or Data Science after university. When I’m not playing with spreadsheets or crunching out equations you will find me either mountain biking in the river valley, watching star wars, or playing with my 2 amazing, hilarious, awesome kids.”

Favourite food: Pineapple

Favourite song: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Favorite show: Game of Thrones